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Some of our major suppliers are:
EDCO-Arrowline Products

ALLMET Roofing Products
Ideal Roofing

Everlast Roofing

In May, 2013, we added Decra Stone Coated Roofing products to our line of quality products. Check out more information on this great addition to our products:
Decra Roofing

Information about our products:
Metal Shingle
Stone Coated Shingle


Hi Tech - Hi Art uses the following synthetic underlayment materials (click on the product title for more information):

  Palisade Synthetic Underlayment   Titanium Synthetic Underlayment
- Stronghold Best in Class Skid-Resistant Technology - 6 times lighter and 20 times stronger than #30 felt
- Kool Blue Cool Surface Technology - 30 year limited warranty
- 6x lighter, 30x stronger, 8x cooler than #30 felt paper - Class A Fire ASTM E108, meets & exceeds ASTM D226
- High velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) approved for tile - Cool light gray surface, doesn't expand or contract
- Class A tile, metal, shingle, slate & shake - Synthetic construction impervious to mold growth Patented SURE-FOOTâ„¢ slip resistant nodular walking surface and an advanced resin technology that provide superior steep slope walk-ability
Image of a Residential houseImage closeup of metal roofing detailsImage of a residential house